Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Blu-win Netopia 3342/3352

I have recently moved in Switzerland and of the course the USB (A)DSL
modem I get is not supported on Linux.
After some investigations the ID 100d:3342 should be compatible with
"Conexant AccessRunner USB modem".
But this Conexant stuff works 2 differents ways depending on the firmware.
Unlucky me the existing Linux driver is not for the way SWISSCOM uses the modem.
After more investatigations the only thing that have a chance to work is a driver from Olitec. After downloading it from http://www.olitec.com/pub/USBADSLV151-1008fr.tar.gz.
It appairs completly outdated and does not compile with my 2.6.13 vanilla kernel.

How to go on:
1 - USB analyser + trace analysis.
2 - Fix the driver and hope it works after that.

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