Wednesday, June 03, 2009


mod_cluster 1.0.0.GA release

mod_cluster brings a dynamic configuration to mod_proxy. In fact mod_cluster is a replacement of mod_proxy_balancer and it uses some of the new features of httpd-trunk like slotmem.
The improvements to mod_proxy/mod_jk are:
- Dynamic configuration of contexts (no more 404 or 400 when an application is been redeployed).
- Load information received from the node of the cluster.
- Asynchronous cping/cpong via a STATUS message from the cluster.
- Minimal configuration.
Paul also blogged on the topic see
For more see try it and join the growing community.

Where can I get the document to configure Apache + Tomcat using mod_cluster? If you have posted steps to configure Apache + Tomcat using mod_cluster in any of your blog, please let me know the url.
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